Persian & Exotic Cat Society's goals are to promote the knowledge of Persians and Exotics of all colors and patterns, along with bringing breeders issues to the forefront with an eye towards raising standards so that we breed beautiful, healthy cats.

Join the club designed for those who love Persians and Exotics: Persian & Exotic Cat Society - "Denmarks most delightful club". We work to promote the breeding of Persians and Exotics. We publish a magazine and suggest that you visit our website at Information for more information on the benefits of membership.

As a member, you are encouraged to submit material to our magazine, PEXO. Send us stories about your cats, photos, articles or other material that you find interesting and would like to share with others. Forward your materials to our editor at the following address:

Those of you with access to the internet ought to register for membership on Persian & Exotic Cat Society's website. For example, some membership advantages are free promotion on our "Breeders Page" with links to your personal website plus the opportunity to announce your kittens that are for sale. In addition, if you have good pictures from cat shows, you may submit them with appropriate text to our web master at:

Take advantage of these excellent offers! Keep in mind though, that commercial announcements and announcements for non-Persian or non-Exotic cats are not free. Register through our website You may also sign up for the memberspage PEXO on Facebook, where all members may exchange information and photos. Send an email to and indicate that you want to sign up for the list. Be aware that this list is only for paid members of Persian & Exotic Cat Society.

The Club also administers a second page on Facebook: Persian and Exotic Cat Society - PEXO, a guestpage, where all with an interest in Persians/Exotics can exchange information.

Persian & Exotic Cat Society eventually holds various events in the course of the year, which all members can freely participate in. Here are some examples: showing your cats as a hobby, a course in how to care for your cat's fur, managing a photo session with your cat, theme evenings, Persian & Exotic Cat Society's Birthday, a Christmas gamenight, etc. We invite you to come forward with your own ideas!

We hope that you will take a risk, join the Club and submit material to the magazine. This way we can all learn a bit from each other, and so that we among other things, can follow along with the development of Persians and Exotics in Denmark and the outside world. We will do our best to ensure that Persian & Exotic Cat Society continues to be a worthwhile and informative specialists club for Persians and Exotics.

If you have any questions about the Club, you are welcome to direct them to any member of the board or to;

Many feline greetings
Persian & Exotic Cat Society